While perusing the Target Dollar Spot, I came across some cute little magnifying glasses.  I immediately thought they'd be super fun as end of the year gifts for my kiddos!  I snatched up enough bees for my boys and ladybugs for my girls, and with a little help from my FL girls, I came up with a cute little tag… here's how they turned out!

Aren't they the cutest?!  I threw the tags together {minus my name, of course} in a little freebie for you, in case you're looking for a last minute gift for your kiddos!  I included "I SPY a future…" Pre-Kinder, Kinder, 1st Grader, 2nd Grader, 3rd Grader, aaand 4th Grader. :)

To grab your copy, head on over to my Facebook page!  Remember, you have to be a fan {just click LIKE} to grab your freebie!!

I hope you like them! :)
When I saw Jennifer's Cruisin' to Summer craft, I knew I had to fit it into my plans... and fit it in, I did! :)  I think they turned out adorably, don't you?!

Too cute!!  It's a must-do! :)

If you're looking for another fun end of year activity, check out my Summer Kids!  Just click the pic to head to my shop ;)

Haaaappy Friday!!!

Are you already thinking about next school year?  I'm not!  Hehehe :)  But, I know many of you are getting a head start, prepping and running off copies, so I updated my behavior calendars for you!  They are all set for the 2014-2015 school year!

These behavior calendars come in black & white for easy printing, or color if you like to fancy things up! ;)  The best part:  they are EDITABLE {in a PowerPoint document}, making it easy for you to customize them to suit your needs. 

What you can edit:
*add behavior codes, color codes, or monthly reminders to the empty box at the bottom
*add text to the calendar days to note holidays, days off, and special days

What you cannot edit:
*calendar days & numbers

Take a closer look!
These calendars are a staple in my classroom.  They make communicating with parents so easy!  If you're interested in grabbing your own copy of Behavior Calendars {Editable!} 2014-2015, it's available in my shop!  And guess what?!  If you already purchased a set last year, all you have to do is DL the revised version… for free! :)

Aaand that's not all!  I updated the Spanish version of these calendars, too!  They are also editable!

To pick up Behavior Calendars in Spanish {Editable!} 2014-2015, click on over to my TpT store!  Again, if you purchased last year, just DL your free revised copy.

{All calendars run from July 2014 to June 2015.}

Do you use behavior calendars in your classroom?  How do you manage parent/teacher communication?
This post is all about anchor charts!  After looking through the 1500+ photos on my iPhone, I realized that I hadn't shared a bunch of anchors with you… so I thought, why not put them all together in one post?!

I am including the anchors that I made this year and last {the ones I have pics of, at least}.  You may have seen some of them in previous blog posts.  And you may have seen versions of them all on Pinterest or blog hopping, since the majority were pinspired :)  Either way, enjoy a little anchor chart *eye candy* and feel free to borrow ideas!!

Let's start!  We're currently working on subtraction to 40, so this chart is perfect:

I created this one last year to review facts to 10, which always comes in handy:

A couple weeks ago we learned all about plants:

We're always trying to spice up our writing with adjectives:

We used the following charts when learning about nouns and verbs:

Last year I whipped up these charts for Earth Day:

I also made this one during our weather unit last year:

These charts were useful during our Martin Luther King, Jr. study:

We warmed up with these polar charts as we studied eskimos, penguins, and polar bears:

These five senses, fire safety and Columbus charts were super helpful:

And last but not least on this anchor chart review… a little apple fun:

Wowzers!  That's a lot of anchors!  I hope you are inspired by one or many! :)

Inspiration shout-outs:
The Groovy Grandma {Smartie-Arties}
*Some of the ideas came from pins that don't lead to blog posts… if I missed you, let me know!!*

My little firsties just *love* our reference boards.  I always catch them peeking at the various charts and posters scattered around the room… whether it's to spell a word, remember a part of a plant, or pick an adjective to use in their writing.  That makes this teacher so happy!  I decided that I wanted to create a set of language posters for my kiddos to use, so I got to work on a new starter kit!

YAY!  One of my favorite things about this kit is how PORTABLE it can be!  I don't have a lot of bulletin board space in my room, so having the tri-fold option is clutch:

Or, the posters can easily be used in a reference binder!  Just slip the posters into sheet protectors, pop 'em in a pretty binder, and leave it out for kiddos to grab when needed!:

Of course if you have the space, the posters would make a great bulletin board, too!

Here's a closer look at the *22* skills posters included:

sentences, word order, statements, questions, exclamations, nouns, plural nouns, irregular plural nouns, proper nouns, pronouns, verbs, present tense verbs, past tense verbs, contractions, adjectives, adjectives that compare, synonyms, antonyms, subjects, predicates, conjunctions, adverbs

I also included a language practice sheet for each skill!  When necessary, I included two copies: one with primary lines, and another with secondary lines.  Here's a preview:

There you have it!  I hope you LOVE this starter kit!  To grab your set, or to read more, head over to my TpT shop!

Also, I am joining the  TpT {Hearts} Teachers sale this week!!

ALL of the products in my little store will be discounted 20% this Tuesday and Wednesday!  Enter code TPTXO at checkout to receive an additional 10% off your purchase!

Now what are you waiting for?!… Go fill up your carts!!! ;)
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