Anchor Chart Eye Candy!

This post is all about anchor charts!  After looking through the 1500+ photos on my iPhone, I realized that I hadn't shared a bunch of anchors with you… so I thought, why not put them all together in one post?!

I am including the anchors that I made this year and last {the ones I have pics of, at least}.  You may have seen some of them in previous blog posts.  And you may have seen versions of them all on Pinterest or blog hopping, since the majority were pinspired :)  Either way, enjoy a little anchor chart *eye candy* and feel free to borrow ideas!!

Let's start!  We're currently working on subtraction to 40, so this chart is perfect:

I created this one last year to review facts to 10, which always comes in handy:

A couple weeks ago we learned all about plants:

We're always trying to spice up our writing with adjectives:

We used the following charts when learning about nouns and verbs:

Last year I whipped up these charts for Earth Day:

I also made this one during our weather unit last year:

These charts were useful during our Martin Luther King, Jr. study:

We warmed up with these polar charts as we studied eskimos, penguins, and polar bears:

These five senses, fire safety and Columbus charts were super helpful:

And last but not least on this anchor chart review… a little apple fun:

Wowzers!  That's a lot of anchors!  I hope you are inspired by one or many! :)

Inspiration shout-outs:
The Groovy Grandma {Smartie-Arties}
*Some of the ideas came from pins that don't lead to blog posts… if I missed you, let me know!!*


Mrs. Griffith said...

This made me super excited because your charts are always so darn cute!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this blog post! I found out I will be teaching first grade next year so this post was definitely eye candy for me! What are your favorite markers to use for all these gorgeous anchors?

A Teachable Teacher

jvanleuven said...

Love all of these! What type of markers do you use and do you color in the pictures with crayon or colored pencils?

Anonymous said...

So adorable! How long does it take you to create an anchor chart? Carol

Kara said...

You are SO good at making these! I wish mine looked so good. Do you use them year after year?

Anonymous said...

Great collection of anchor charts! So bright and colorful!

Sharon Dudley said...

Teri, these anchor charts are beautiful! I really think the rainbow addition one is brilliant. It's hard to explain the concept in words, and this really is a lovely way to put it in a concrete manner.

Your latest follower,

Sharon Dudley, NBCT
Teaching with Sight

Jess said...

These are amazing anchor charts! I wish I was half the artist you are! It looks like a lot of work went into these charts! I was wondering do you save these charts and use them again or do you re make them each year?

Pixie Anne said...

Wow, loads of great charts there. Thanks for sharing!
Growing Little Learners

Megan Baker said...

This post is excellent! So many great ideas in one spot ;) I created the Rainbow to 10 chart for my firsties this last year and it helped them EVERYDAY!! I am also wondering what markers you use. I found that MR. Scentsy markers were more vivid than others I had. The yummy smells were a plus :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful anchor charts!!!! How do you create them? I've seen some of the graphics before on other blogs and am wondering how do you transfer/ draw them onto your charts?

CheyH said...

Oh my goodness! Your blog and all of your ideas are so adorable! Please feel free to check out my blog I just started.

Where the Wild Things Learn said...

LOVE your anchor charts! I need to hire you to draw all the little graphics on mine for me ;)

p.s. Totally missed your blog redesign somehow?! I LOVE it! Looks great, girl!


Jessica said...

What kind of markers do you use? LOVE the charts!

Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

Love your anchor charts! Do you free hand every one of these?


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