Write It! {Seasonal Journals}

Hello, Cupcakes!  Happy Sunday!  I'm enjoying some down time on the couch… baby girl sleeping next to me, TV tuned into Bravo {which it is 95% of the time}, Macbook on my lap…

Last week I posted my newest product to TpT, but I didn't make a fun preview or blog about it yet!  So I'm going to do that now :)  You may have seen this pop up in your TpT news:

This pack, Write It! {Seasonal Journals}, has everything you need to create seasonal journals for your kiddos!  Just a note:  I included BOTH Autumn and Fall options :)

There are 12 writing prompts for each season {48 total prompts}.  The prompts come in cut-apart card form, in both color and b&w, and would be perfect on a binder ring!

And the prompts also come as writing menus!  You can include the b&w version of the menu IN each student's journal so your little ones can track their writing.  Another option: laminate the colorful version and leave it in a center!

Kiddos can respond to each writing prompt on coordinating stationary {the pictures match}!  I included two versions: handwriting lines and regular lines.

Of course, to make a journal you'll need some cute covers, so I included those, too!

It's 136 pages of writing fun!  To check out Write It! {Seasonal Journals}, head on over to my TpT shop!  To celebrate finally blogging about it, I am putting this pack on sale for the next 24 hours… 20% off! :)

I'd love to hear from you :)  I hope you love it!!  


Savvy in 2nd said...

I love this idea. Writing is becoming so BIG and this will give them something to write about all year

Kimberly Ann said...

This looks PERFECT! :)

Kimberly Ann
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

Lory said...

Cute as always. I have a very similar idea for my kiddos (titled WRITE ON... also ;) The pictures and key words help the kids so much!!
xo Lory
  Lory’s Page

Unknown said...

Thank you for various ideas! I think that these writing prompts will be very interesting for children. Even though there aren’t many (of any age) who are interested in writing, but there are ways (like yours) that can make them fall for it. The older they will get the more they will see a real meaning behind writing (for example, they won’t need buying custom essays online because they will be able to do it). But since we are talking about the little once, these ideas will be entertaining for sure.
3rd grade teacher.

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