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Well, it's about time!!!  It's November 4th and I have yet to post pictures of my classroom!  Long story short, our school was having work done {new windows!} and teachers only had TWO days-- yes, two-- to get our rooms in order.  And, I haven't felt that it was complete until now.  Sort of.  So with our further ado... my room :)

I had this bulletin board up at the beginning of last year with every intention of changing it monthly... that never happened!  Now it's a permanent staple in front of my room {Wall #1}:
Below the board are my cubbies/mailboxes.  On top of those you can see my Sparklers {table points} and Secret Star incentives!

Right next to my cubby area I have some other little management tools and a space for making and displaying anchor charts: 
 Everything you see here is from my TpT shop...

Next to the space above, I have open chalkboard space for writing.  If you keep going along the board, you'll land here:
This is where I display jobs, classroom rules, and our behavior chart.

Another look at the rules/clip chart:
And a wider look at this space:
The wall leads to our calendar area which you'll see in the next couple pics.  On the shelf I keep baskets filled with various handouts for the week.  Inside the cubbies are our center bins and student book boxes:
Moving back up, here is my calendar board {Wall #2}:
At the suggestion of my Insta friends, I put a banner in the blank space above the month.  I think it looks fabulous!! Thanks, friends :)

Now for a picture of the full bulletin board:
As you can see, the other half of the board is our focus wall:
I *love* this set!  The headers and objectives were just what I needed to create an eye-catching focus board.  I hole-punched the objectives and hung them using binder rings.  Maybe one day I will put up Science and Social Studies standards... but today was not that day, ha.

Onto my "teacher nook," which you can see in the above pictures.  This is the wall above my desk, edited a little bit to keep names private:

My memo board is cluttered and it's fantastic!  I love my space... especially the photo of my girl in front of the computer :) 
Pink overload! :)

Moving along, we come to our birthday board, which I also edited to be free of names:

It has to be cupcakes to be a proper birthday display :)  And isn't the banner too cute?!

Now we have reached the sink area:
Tissues fit perfectly on the middle shelves, and I keep bottles of soap and "hanitizer" in the baskets on the sides!  The cabinets are filled with plates, napkins, cleaning supplies, etc.

If we skip a wall of new windows and my teacher aide's desk... we find the library {Wall #3}: 
The rug and mini disc chairs are from Big Lots a few years ago, and the stools are from Ikea.  I *love* these little magnetic display shelves from Lakeshore-- they are great for displaying holiday books!  To the left is my book cart {also from Lakeshore} and center rotation:
To the right is big book storage:
We have almost made a complete circle around the room!  This is where I meet with small groups, and where my firsties keep their belongings {Wall #4}: 
Behind the big doors is my student closet.  I decided to make a "Word Closet" this year and brighten up the big brown space with colorful words!  The letter cards are in my TpT shop! 

The yellow table is the perfect size for my room, and for sitting with guided reading groups. I ordered it from Quill; it was reasonably priced, and came quickly.  The yellow edges and legs fit in nicely with my brightly colored classroom!
 To the right of the table is an easel with chart paper, and a shelf with games/puzzles.  To the left is my filing cabinet, which doubles as a display for our weekly words and big book:
 And that's my tour!  If you keep going, you will walk right out the door:
{Psst!  I won the door contest this year!!!}

I hope it was worth the two month wait! ;) Have a great night!!


Lee Ann Rasey said...

So cute! Looks like an older school with a lot of great space. I really like the "yellow" table you use for your small groups. I need a table that size, but I couldn't find it on the website you mentioned. Does it have a certain name?

Mandy said...

So colorful and cute! I love it.

Caffeine and Lesson Plans

Unknown said...

Your room is adorable! I love the Frankenstein door and the glue sticks sign. I totally need that! We are getting our floors replaced this summer so I think I'm going to be in the same boat as you were. I'm already anxious about it.

Miss Kindergarten said...

LOVE!!! and I def smiled ear-to-ear when I saw the little name sign I made you. Friends forever <3 <3

ms. rachel said...

Your room is cute and adorable.

♥ ♥ rachel ♥ ♥
Teaching Melodies
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Lita Lita said...

LOve everything about it!

Kelly McFarland said...

So glad you shared! I especially like your focus/calendar boards. I definitely did some photo pinning. :) Awesome job!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your classroom set up! I have to pin this so I can keep these goodies in mind for next year :)

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~DeAnne~ said...

Such a cute room---I love the doors and all the space. It reminds me of my classroom when I was a kid. :)

First Grade and Fabulous

Unknown said...

Super cute!
First Grade Blue Skies

Lory said...

Teri, your room is adorable and worth the wait. Thanks for sharing all your cute pictures ;)

Anonymous said...

This is really incredible. I am a teacher myself and we don’t have such recourses ( I work abroad). Classes are very boring and the atmosphere is dull. And kids…they love bright colors. Of course, there is a huge difference with these students: they are very hardworking and, unlike American students, they will never buy college essays ( to be honest, they don’t even have special websites for that). Still, I wish their classes were brighter and friendlier.

frasico022 said...

How wonderful photographs that you have shared dear!! You know I am working in a Phoenix pre-k from last 5 years and I also use such creative activities. The kids really enjoy doing all this and this way they learn quickly.

wkjustiss said...

Getting here a little late. Super cute room! I have the same cupcakes for my birthdays as well. One thing I did instead of wrting the students' names on the actual cupcake was to make "candles" out of colored paper with their day number on it and used a pic of the kids for the candle flame. At the end of the year, I sent their candles home with them. No need to mess up my cute cupcakes!

Unknown said...

Everything look so cute and inviting!
I love it!
My Heart Belongs in First

Jodi said...

Where did you get your circular alphabet letters? I love them!!

Unknown said...

I love the colored circle letters also! Where can I find these?

Unknown said...

I love your bright circle letters also. Where can I find these?

Unknown said...

where did you get the cupcakes with the months on them?

Unknown said...

Could you share the link with the cupcakes?

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