Scent-sational Birthday! {Featuring Astrobrights #25DaysofColor}

We've known each other a while now, so I think it's *quite obvious* that I LOVE color.  Not only does color just make everything better, color actually makes LEARNING a more fun and impactful experience.  Using color paper can add creativity to everything in the classroom.  You can't beat that, right?!

Astrobrights is celebrating color in a big way this summer.  Their #25DaysofColor campaign began in early July, and is led by familiar teacher-bloggers!  For 25 days, Astrobrights Papers will feature a project using a different color of its paper, providing ideas and inspiration on how to #ColorizeYourClassroom.  This is a great opportunity for teachers to discover new and colorful ideas for the upcoming year!

As part of the #25DaysofColor team, I've been given three HERO colors to feature.  Today's inspiration is brought to you by Venus Violet!
I'm always looking for quick and easy gifts to give my firsties on their birthdays.  This year, I had the SCENT-sational idea to give them Smencils!!
I was able to find Happy Birthday Smencils which are Birthday Cake scented... perfect, right?!  You could also use other smelly gifts like Scentos, Scent-sibles, or Snifty Pencils!

I whipped up a cute gift tag to attach, using the "SCENT-sational" pun... teachers love a good pun!

Then I backed the circle tags with squares of Venus Violet and attached them to the Smencils using tiny rubber bands (Rainbow Loom, ha!) to complete the PERFECT birthday gift for my firsties this year!
I love how the Venus Violet allows the colors on the tag to really POP.  It's the perfect background color!!

 I just KNOW that my kiddos are going to love receiving these pencils on their special day!!  Grab your freebie SCENT-sational tags HERE!

 Be sure to watch my Facebook and Instagram accounts for ideas using my other HERO colors over the next couple days!  And for more ideas on how to Colorize Your Classroom, be sure to follow #25DaysofColor, Astrobrights Papers social feeds {Facebook and Instagram} and visit  You can also head to the Astrobrights Tumblr page for even more ideas!

Post your own project using Astrobrights Papers with the hashtags #25DaysofColor and #ColorizeYourClassroom for a chance to be featured as the Colorize Your Classroom project of the week!


Unknown said...

OMG! ❤️It! Where did you buy the birthday smencils?

Jodi said...

Such a great idea! My kids LOVE Smencils!

Yukari said...

Teri this is SO stinking cute!! I am going to do this for sure for this coming school year! Thank you for sharing your adorable printable!!

A Pinch of Kinder

Unknown said...

I LOVE the smencils!! Your blog is awesome!

Lindalouhoo said...
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Lindalouhoo said...

Another FABULOUS idea! Thank you!! (Do you print your labels on special label paper, or use a full size adhesive page and cut them them out?)

Lee Ann Rasey said...

I have never heard of Smencils. Where do you get them?

Unknown said...

Hi! What font did you use on your labels?? I have been looking for something similar and am having no luck!

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