Pencil Cup Labels Freebie

During a trip to the Target dollar spot a couple weeks ago, I found these little metal tins that look like pencils!  I already own about 2379 little metal tins from Target, but how could I pass up ones that look like pencils?!  I knew they'd be PERFECT for my "sharp/please sharpen" pencils, so I snatched up a couple and made some labels.

Now I have new pencil cups for $2 plus a little time on the computer. :)

I made the labels in two shapes and two sizes, because I couldn't decide what I wanted.  Better for you... options!  I also included "dull" in case you prefer to use that.

They're available for free HERE.  I hope you can use them!

Have a great night!


Lopez Land Learners said...

So cute!! How did I miss those tons? Something about pencils and me this year. I missed the pencil painted magnet clips at Target, too!! The labels are awesome!!! Thank you! Have a great start!

Unknown said...

I was wanting to revamp my pencil cups and this freebie fits the bill! The colors match my room, so they'll be perfect! Thanks! Linda's Learning Loot

Asif Iftekhar said...

one of a boundle of my choise pencile collection. I missed the pencil painted magnet clips at Target, too!!

Swpereira said...

Hi Teri! Love the labels! They're adorable! Thanks so much! How did you attach the labels to the tins?

Mikki Cee said...
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Mikki Cee said...

I actually burst out laughing when I read that "2379 metal buckets from Target" comment.
I can relate.... I need to go to container collectors anonymous. Oh boy.

Thanks for the labels :)

mteer said...

thank you so much for the freebie!! Love the tins....I have a growing collection as well. :)


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