Switch Witch is a NEW educational, healthy, and magical Halloween tradition!
This gift set comes with a 20 page hardcover book and a cute little witch for your home... or your classroom!
The story tells how the Switch Witch and her friends need your Halloween candy to heat their homes and keep the world of witches running all year.  Switch Witch will use a magic spell to Switchcraft your kids' Halloween candy into a special gift!

The Switch Witch is perfect for families or teachers looking for fun, healthy, allergy-free alternatives for Halloween!  Kids are still encouraged to trick-or-treat and ENJOY the tradition of Halloween.  Then, they will choose their favorite candies (however much you want to keep!) and trade the rest with the Switch Witch.
In the classroom, you can alter how you use the Switch Witch!  She makes a great classroom management tool for the month of October.

To introduce her to my class, I just put her on top of the bulletin board and waited for my students to notice her.  It took about half the day... when suddenly a student yelled, "Who's that witch?!"  I pretended I had no clue and "found" the book.  They *loved* it!

If you'd like to introduce The Switch Witch to your family or students, she is available at Target or Amazon!  There is also a FREE app available on Google Play and the App Store.
How would you use The Switch Witch?

I am finally here with a mini tour of my classroom!  At least it didn't take me as long as last year-- October 11th vs. November 4th-- #winning!

Disclaimers:  (1) I took the pictures at the end of the day so there are scraps on the floor. And (2) I still have things to add into my room-- like birthdays on the birthday board?!-- I credit the delay to beginning of the year paperwork and due dates. ;)

Let's start off the tour with my desk space and bulletin board area:
I kept the same "black with pops of color" theme as last year for my boards.  Mystery of the year... will I ever add standards for Science & Social Studies??? 
The three turquoise bins are new to my teacher corner.  I keep all sorts of fun things inside like snacks, utensils, toiletries, extra markers, Scholastic flyers, calendar pieces...
Here's another view of the nook.  I keep copies for the week in the clear bins, which are labeled now, but not in this pic!  On the board I keep our high-frequency words, anchor charts, hand signals, and our clip chart (you can see the clips):

On the other side of the clip chart is my writing space on the chalkboard.  I keep book bins in the cubbies below.  Then all the way to the right of the board I have more goodies:
 Class rules, our Compliment Jar, voice levels, Wilson's anchor charts, etc.
If you turn yourself around, skipping the door and closets, you'll now be facing the back of my classroom.  
This year I got a new kidney table which I'm loving for small groups!
Keep going and you'll come to the little library (which at the time of this picture, didn't have books in it yet).  I created another nook in my room by using the white shelves to section the  space.  I really don't have a big classroom so I can't have a huge library space, but this is cute and it works!
Looking beyond the library you'll see my teacher aide's space, our sink and cabinets, the unfinished birthday board, and the door to our bathroom:
And that's just about it!  While I did make a few big changes to the classroom, it's pretty much the same look as last year's room.  I like what I like!  And I hope you like it, too! :)

Before I go... here's the sweetest picture of my little one roaming around my classroom in the days before school started:
Love! :)

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