Do you celebrate Grinch Day in your classroom?  If not, you totally should!!

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The Grinch visits our classroom one day each December and leaves a lot of GREEN in his path.  It's a really fun day for the kids, especially the ones who believe in the magic of it all ;)  Read on for some of the ideas I use in my classroom each year! 
From top left {clockwise}:

I greet my kiddos with a green streamer curtain on our door. My kids say it is "SO FUN!" to walk through the curtain each time we leave the room.  It's the little things.

Just outside the door, the Grinch alters my welcome sign and labels me as "Mrs. Grinch."  I'm sure both my students and family would agree that sometimes I can be a little Grinchy. ;)

The Grinch loves himself so much, that he frames a photo {er... an old craft} of himself and renames Christmas, "Grinchmas" on our little countdown calendar.

Our elf visitor usually brings us red candy canes {not pictured} and of course, the greedy Grinch has to lick them and turn them all green!  One year one of my kiddos was truly appalled-- until I told him I had a sneaking suspicion that they tasted like apples.

The Grinch makes himself a Super Student with loads of jewels... and he clips all my little ones down to RED!  They are always very concerned about how they will have to color their behavior calendars at the end of the day (maybe the only day they are concerned, ha!)!

Our classroom rules are also tampered with.  Grinch Rules include talking over others, not following directions, and making a mess!  Silly Grinch.  We take this opportunity to discuss what our classroom rules REALLY are.
From top left {clockwise}:

The green guy has to make an appearance, of course!  He made his way from Barnes and Noble a few years ago, but I found a Grinch that is even wearing a Santa suit!  The Grinch also renames our classroom elf to Grinch {anchor chart inspired by Cara}.

Our elf usually finds himself in some Grinchy trouble, like the time he was tied up in green streamers and had to hang out upside down with our lanterns for the day.  The kids wanted me to rescue him but there's that whole "no touching the elf" rule and all!

The Grinch puts our reading buddies {shower puffs from Pier 1... cheap and efficient} into Grinch Jail!

Our class enjoys green frosted cookies and lime green sherbet, courtesy of the Grinch!

Last but not least, a Grinch ornament!  Super easy:  Paint a 3x3" canvas in green.  Paint on a red heart or do as I did and add a foam sticker.  Add red glitter if you like, and hot glue on some ribbon.  Voila!  A Grinchy decoration for your tree :)

**More ideas not pictured!!**

I sprinkle green Grinch glitter all over our desks (it's a mess, but man it's worth it).  The Grinch takes away all our sparklers and classroom compliments {I put them back at the end of the day}.  He sends us an email midday saying that his heart is growing and we can clip back to green.  We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and watch the cartoon movie.  You can also decorate with green balloons and silly string!

I hope you can use some of these great Grinchy ideas for your celebration next year!!  Do you have any other ideas that you use on Grinch Day?  I'd LOVE to hear them!!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!  If you're starting to think about holiday gift ideas for your students' families, I've got you covered!

As a mama myself, I go weak for handmade art.  I especially love crafts that include fingerprints, handprints, or footprints.  They're a precious keepsake!  That's why I love to make this special gift with my students, and my own girls, too! :)

This post contains affiliate links.

Making these canvas ornaments is so fun and easy!  I bet you have some of the necessary supplies already lying around!  If you don't, I've linked everything below within the directions so you can Prime them right to your house or classroom (Prime is a verb, right?!).

I like to use 3x3" mini canvases.  You can go bigger if you want, but these are the perfect size for ornaments (or just a winter display piece for families who might not celebrate).  I have a bunch of acrylic paints in my supply closet so that's what we use.  The paint dries quickly and washes right off of hands.

I rotate my kids in and out of this station to give each layer of paint a chance to dry.  The first thing we do is paint the background a solid color with foam brushes.  I like to offer red, green, blue and yellow.  Once the background layer has dried, I use a foam brush to paint my students' hands-- pointer, middle & ring fingers plus some of the palm under those fingers-- and they stamp their prints onto the canvas.  With the brush, they can fill in the snow on the bottom.

After their prints have dried, the next step is to add details!  We use toothpicks for this part.  They're the perfect tool for creating tiny faces, arms, and snow details!

Let your students get creative and add scarves, hats, and even bows to their snowmen!

I love how different they all turn out!!  Once your kiddos are done decorating, lay the canvases out to completely dry.  I let them sit overnight just to be sure none of the details smudge.

The following day, I use hot glue to attach ribbon to the completed canvases to turn them into ornaments!  Students can hang them on their trees at home or put them on display if they don't have a tree.

Voila!  Aren't they the cutest?!

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Groundhog Day is fast approaching!  What do you have planned for your class?  In honor of my new craftivity pack, I put together a post full of Groundhog Day fun for your kiddos!

First up is my latest craftivity!!  Groundhog Day {Craftivity, Printables & Reader} includes the adorable craft pictured above and below.  There are four writing prompts, several printables (such as a word search and write & draw page), and a Groundhog Day reader included!

Check out the listing in my TpT shop for more information!  I hope you love it!!

Another fun activity that I just love is this huge predictions graph!  You can let your kiddos create their own little groundhogs or you can even shrink down the craftivity from my pack when printing the pieces!  The graph idea is from Welcome to Room 36.

What fun is a themed lesson without a themed snack?!  These pudding cups are not only cute, but would be fun to make with your class!  Who can resist a yummy chocolate cupcake??  Not me!  They look pretty easy to recreate.  Or how about a little "Shadow or Not" cookie treat for your kiddos to take home?

ABC's of Literacy put together a great list of books to help celebrate Groundhog Day...
...and Simply Kinder put together a collection of teacher approved videos!

However you decide to celebrate, your kiddos are sure to have a blast! :)

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